OSLC Fall Worship schedule – Outside, Inside, and Virtual!

OSLC Fall Worship schedule – Outside, Inside, and Virtual! 

9am – Outdoor Worship in the OSLC backyard

There is no sign-up for the 9am outdoor service. Although we are saying 9am for this service, we will actually begin at 9:10am and the service will last for about 30 minutes. Some weeks will include Godly Play storytelling as our Scripture story/children’s sermon for the day. On those weeks, children will be invited to stay after for work time if they would like.

10:30am – OSLC sanctuary worship with Facebook Livestream

At our usual 10:30 service, we will continue to cap our indoor capacity at 50 people, and we will require masks and physical distancing. You can sign up for our 10:30 worship service by calling the office at 612-871-2967

For both of our Sunday services, we will be communing by bread only. In his writings, Martin Luther assures us that Christ is fully present in just one element. Jesus – the one who taught us to love our neighbors – is with us indeed as we take this step to keep our community safe while continuing to share in this holy meal that brings us comfort, strength, forgiveness and life.

Out of care for our community, stay home from in person worship if you are at all sick or have been exposed to someone with Covid-19.