Poetry and the Attentive Heart: A Practice of Listening Together

New OSLC Zoom gathering: Poetry and the Attentive Heart
You are invited to join in a new OSLC zoom offering, Poetry and the Attentive Heart: A Practice of Listening Together.
This is a bi-weekly opportunity to join with other OSLC folk and tap into the wellspring of our hearts as we consider the words of a poem together.
We will gather together for a 25 minute pause on Friday afternoons to center around a candle, collective breathing practice, and attentive listening. The 25 minute session will include the following framework:
  • The host will light a candle in their home space and offer a few phrases to center our breathing together and welcome in the presence of God with a prayer sentence.
  • Next, a poem or Psalm will be read aloud as it is shared on the screen, and then a second time.
  • After the listening, we will be randomly broken into small breakout groups of 3-4 people. We will share where the resonance of the poem or Psalm may be showing up for us in our personal experience. The prompts for sharing are open-ended questions: “What rises to the surface for you after today’s hearing? Where do you feel its impact? What does it evoke in you?”
  • After 12 minutes, we will return to the large group where the host will speak a prayer and extinguish the candle to close our contemplative ‘pause’.
We meet on the following Fridays from 4:00-4:25pm on Feb. 5; Feb. 19; Feb. 26; Mar. 5; Mar. 19
For more information and to register your interest, contact: Kathleen Olsen () or Karin Craven ().
Meeting ID: 817 0254 6268    Passcode: 940887
Let Poetry and the Attentive Heart be one portal to nurture and dwell in God’s call of peace, love, and justice.