September 27th Adult Forum spotlights ISAIAH and local elections

As children of God we approach elections with hope and energy, recognizing in those periodic contests the chance to align our communities with God's plans for us. 
We look at government as an agent that can be shaped to give comfort in a time of fear and pain, confidence in times of doubt, reconciliation in times of deep racial division and anger.
Our Saviour's and many of its members have long supported ISAIAH in its efforts to put our government's assets to work in achieving those goals.  
You can learn a little more about what that work looks like this fall and ways you can make that a part of your electoral activities by joining a Zoom-based adult forum on Sunday, Sept. 27 starting at 9 a.m.  The forum is hosted by Our Saviour's ISAIAH core team. 
In this political examination we'll shift our attention away from the fraught Presidential race to look more closely at state elections where the winners will make crucial decisions about support for working families, affordable housing, respect for immigrants, and restoration of a healthy global climate.   
Obtain a link to the meeting by contacting David Scheie at