Representative Ilhan Omar at the Midtown Farmers Market

On Tuesday August 13, these members of Our Saviour's presented notes and drawings from Vacation Bible School to Rep. Ilhan Omar at the Midtown Farmers Market.  Pastor Martha talked about how the children at VBS learned about food justice and Naomi gave Rep. Omar a picture of fruits that she had drawn on a paper plate.  On behalf of the 14 congregations that participated in the VBS program, and Bread for the World, we thanked Ilhan for her leadership on fighting hunger here in the US and abroad.  Rep. Omar described her legislative effort to expand lunch debt forgiveness in US schools and the harmful effects of shaming on children who cannot afford to pay their school lunch debts.  From her personal experience she told us how hunger effects children.   She told us the US has more than enough to see that no children go hungry in our country.