Service of Lament and Hope

What does lament mean? Laments are complaints, often complaints to God, grounded in a deep sense that things are not as they should be. Many of the Psalms incorporate laments. When Jesus said, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" - that was a lament.
What are we lamenting? This particular Service will focus on sexualized violence and its harm on individuals and society.
What will this service be like? There will be prayers, songs, readings, silence, and a variety of ways to express lament and hope. No one will be pressured to speak publicly of personal experiences. We will take the time needed to express: "We lament _________. We yearn for __________. Until then, we commit to _____________." We will have trained counselors available for those who need extra support.

Why should I attend? If you think sexualized violence is contrary to God's vision for human relationships and you yearn for a different world, this is your opportunity to express that in the midst of this faith community.