"Living Questions" Starts January 25

"[It is our] ... sense of profound unknowing that draws us more deeply into a questioning and exploring relationship with God.  Like a deep relationship with our beloved, there is always more to explore, to wonder about, to treasure and appreciate, as our hearts grow more deeply connected and intertwined.  It is in loving the questions that we continue to be opened to know and experience more and more of God and God’s divine nature ... This is the Way of life that Jesus himself followed.  It is for this reason that we have chosen 'Living Questions' as the name for the Catechumenate process we will begin implementing at Our Saviour’s beginning this fall." (Pastor Laurie Eaton)

Join us in this process of intentional study, preparation, and learning as we welcome newcomers to our community. We'll enjoy a simple supper, study, and group discussion. Newcomers and Sponsors (drawn from our current members) will have an opportunity to form deeper relationships one-on-one.

Not involved, but you'd like to be? Have questions about how this works or what it involves? Please contact Faith Formation Minister Martha Schwehn Bardwell or Pastor Laurie Eaton. Contact info is available here.