Holding Fast to Love & Justice

Turning Back to God: Holding Fast to Love & Justice (Hosea 12:6).

Pastor Laurie, in an ISAIAH Prophetic Voices event on November 19th, spoke about the courage required for eliminating racial inequities. “It’s important to be able to see Pharaoh at work in the world, so that we can speak prophetically, faithfully into our times. But the prophets didn’t critique only the leadership – they spoke also to the people who follow along like sheep. It takes deep courage to see that the forces at work in the world are also at work within us and within our churches.”

The congregational survey is designed to identify the suffering in our congregations. If you missed filling out the ISAIAH "Turning Back to God Congregational Survey", an online version for our congregation is available.

Please complete the survey by February 28.