Curran Lutheran Hospital (Liberia)

For the months of July and August, Curran Lutheran Hospital is our Mission of the Month. 

Curran Lutheran Hospital was first built in 1924. Located in the northernmost portion of Liberia, near the borders of Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone, and more than 200 miles from the nearest city, Monrovia, Curran Hospital provides critical health care for a large region.

Originally a bush hospital, it has grown to meet this regional need. At present it offers not only 125 beds, but also outpatient services, a school of nursing, and supervision for 23 community health centers and clinics.

Over the past several years, donations from the church (along with the help of many others, including the ELCA) have helped to

  • Reconstruct the hospital, severely damaged by civil war
  • Equip a medical lab
  • Provide safe transportation for nursing students

To make a financial contribution to this vital ministry, please write "Curran" on your check and/or offering envelope.