Our Saviour's Mission of the Month

Each month, we focus upon a particular special mission. We discuss its work and requirements in our newsletter and in adult forums, encourage members to volunteer, and collect money for it. Many of these organizations are described on other pages of this website (please click on any of the links below.) The ones which are not described on other pages are described briefly below. Our Missions of the Month for 2018 include:

January -- Cherish All Children

February & March -- Community Emergency Service. More than just our neighborhood food shelf, Community Emergency Service (CES) provides wide-ranging crisis relief. An independent nonprofit organization, it works to empower clients in South Minneapolis, helping them find long-range, comprehensive solutions.

April -- Cherish All Children

May & June --  Our Saviour's Housing

July -- Curran Hospital

August -- Neighborhood Quilting

September & October --  English Learning Center

November -- Coming Home Collaborative

December --  Helping Hand Fund. A discretionary fund administered by Pastor Laurie Eaton to help Our Saviour's members with sudden emergencies.