Are you new? Interested in learning more about OSLC? Join us for lunch!

We're glad you found your way here! If you are interested in learning more about the church and/or our membership process, please join Pastors Laurie and Martha as well as some members of the congregation for lunch after worship on October 14 or November 11. Food will be provided. We will get to know each other a little bit, share what drew us to OSLC, hear your questions about life together here, and talk about our membership process at OSLC called Living Questions, which will begin after the new year. Please let one of the pastors know if you'd like to join us so we know how many people to cook for. (If you forget to do that - no problem, still come!)


A Little Background...

In 2014, we hosted a workshop led by Paul Hoffman. Pastor Hoffman had started a process called “The Way” at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church in Seattle. His ministry inspired us to launch “Living Questions”. We used his book, Faith Forming Faith, as we discerned the shape of our ministry.

In October of 2014, our first Living Questions group drew 29 newcomers. It culminated at Easter Vigil, the time of year when traditionally we invite newcomers to become members by receiving baptism or affirming their earlier baptism. Since then, we have continued to offer "Living Questions" sessions once or twice a year.

We believe that baptism – the moment when we are washed into promises of mercy and life, joined to Christ’s death and resurrection, and declared beloved child of God in community – is the source of our membership and our unity as the body of Christ.


Creating a Vital Congregation

We embrace three central practices from Scripture and tradition for creating a vital faith-forming congregation:

  1. The practice of hospitality. During his life, Jesus was a guest in many homes. He continues to be present as the stranger in our midst (Matthew 25:35).  We are called to welcome this stranger.  Driven by the Spirit who breaks down all boundaries and creates community, we challenge ourselves to offer Christ’s welcome to all, particularly those who are not “like us.”
  2. The practice of celebration. We celebrate the creative and redemptive activity of God in the midst of the realities of human need, struggle and pain. In celebrations like our Easter Vigil,  we anticipate, prepare, participate and reflect on these qualities, rooting ourselves in the living, transforming presence of God.
  3. The practice of living our questions and convictions. Young people, old people, questions, stories—with our conversation we honor the experience and insight, testimonies about God, laments, and thanksgivings that each person offers for our development and understanding. Together, we seek to discern how God is calling each and all of us in our lives at work, home, school, church, and beyond.  

 --Inspired by From Generation to Generation by Charles R. Foster


Living Questions: Welcoming Newcomers

New members are welcomed to our community.

Questions? Interested in participating? Please contact Pastor Martha Schwehn Bardwell: , 612-871-2967.

At Our Saviour’s, we welcome newcomers through a process we call “Living Questions.”

This ministry is not only for newcomers; it is a faith-forming experience for our whole congregation. Newcomers, with the fresh questions and experiences they bring to us, give us an opportunity to explore our faith, deepen our life-long commitment, and grow in our understanding of what we mean by “faith”. Most important, we make this journey together as a community.

How Living Questions works:  Each newcomer is paired with a sponsor from the congregation who has been around for a while. Sponsors journey alongside newcomers, sharing their questions and insights and listening for how God is calling them in their lives today.

These sponsor-newcomer pairs are placed in small groups led by a facilitator. In a typical session, we

  • Meet all together to share a meal at 5:30pm.
  • Break out into small groups for conversation. We will talk about our spiritual journeys and discuss our questions about Baptism, Communion, the Ten Commandments, the Apostle’s Creed, the Lord’s Prayer and other questions about faith, church, and life.

Child care and a light meal are provided.  Check back in January for future Living Questions Sessions.

Until then, please join Pastors Laurie and Martha as well as some members of the congregation for lunch after worship on October 14 or November 11. 2018