Curran Hospital and the Liberian Fellowship

Curran Lutheran Hospital, Liberia, was first built in 1924. With 125 beds and outpatient services, it provides critical health care for a large region and supervision for 23 community health centers and clinics. It also operates a school of nursing.

Over the past several years, donations from the church (along with the help of many others, including the ELCA) have helped to reconstruct the hospital, severely damaged by civil war, equip a medical lab, provide safe transportation for nursing students, rennovate the pediatric unit and nursing station, and improve ventilation and water supply.

Currently we are collectiong money to purchase patient monitors. These will improve the quality care each patient receives.

The Liberian Fellowship, an organization of Liberians and friends of Liberia within Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, not only raises money for the hospital, but also serves the needs of Liberians in Minneapolis with visits, prayers, and fellowship. It also helps teach the non-Liberian members of the church about Liberia by bringing in speakers, hosting meals with Liberian food, and providing a unique perspective on all issues affecting the church.