Hospitality Teams and Leaders
Summer and Fall 2019

June – Team # 4 led by Laura Kehrberg and Tezra Osthus
July  Team # 5 led by Elaine Johnson and Elle Ellerbee
August – Team # 1 led by Nancy Nygaard Johnson and Margaret Kinney
September – Team # 2 led by Lee Johnson-Scheie and Sarah Lindley
October – Team # 3 led by Jeanne Asp and Kim Smith

Hospitality Teams

Our Hospitality Teams provide an essential service to our community, greeting members and visitors, ushering, providing coffee and snacks, and answering questions like "Where can I find..?"

Members are organized into teams, with each team handling hospitality for a month at a time. Team leaders coordinate the work of their team during that month.

All active members have been placed on teams.  If you don’t know what team you are on or would like to be placed on a team, or contact or the