Environmental pollution is already threatening us here at home -- increasing health hazards, displacing those who are victims of severe weather, and bringing about other unwelcome changes due to climate change. As Lutherans, we share a commitment to care for God’s creation.

Next year, nearly 200 countries across the world will meet to sign an agreement to address climate change. In preparation, leaders will gather in Lima for the UN Climate Change Conference. The language, strength, and effectiveness of the agreement are still being determined, so the voices of citizens are critical.

Please take a moment to learn about the many ways you can take action to show your faithful dedication to caring for creation -- read more here.

Green Team

Nathan et al Peoples Climate MarchOur Saviour’s Lutheran Church believes that active care of creation is integral to spiritual life and social justice.(Image at right: members Nathan, Amy and Mike join The People's Climate March in New York City, September, 2014.)

Our Green Team fosters stewardship of the earth in several ways:

  • We gather information about recycling and conservation for members to practice at home, and encourage them to think of this as part of their “spiritual” practice.
  • We seek to lower the church’s carbon footprint (and  expenditures, too.)
  • We advocate public policy which supports recycling and conservation.

Working with other organizations, we have greater  impact.  Some of our partners include Hennepin County Environmental Services, Interfaith Power and Light, Alliance for Sustainability, Lutherans Restoring Creation, and MN350.org.