Ways to Continue to be Church Together in Covid-19 times

May 15, 2020

Living in Liminal Space
For two months now, we've been living in this "in between" space. In biblical language we might say everything old has passed away...but we are still awaiting what it will look like when all things are made new. Because we are an Easter people, we have faith language to help us name the experience of dying and rising that is at the heart of our worldview. But it is a strange, disorienting thing to be actually living the very thing we celebrate in this Easter season.
The influence of COVID-19 on our lives continues, and the experts tell us that this will be the case. This novel Coronavirus will not go away; we will learn to live with it, and that may take years. First, we focused on "flattening the curve" to ease the burden on our health care system as infections spread. Stay at home orders worked for a while, but humans are all too often restless, impatient creatures. Governor Walz has "turned back the dial" a bit, acknowledging what many people have already been doing. It's now up to us to determine how we will safely and responsibly live with fewer mandated restrictions on our activities, while continuing to love our neighbors as ourselves by limiting the spread of the virus. Small gatherings are permitted, but not encouraged, and protective measures like being outside whenever possible, staying at least 6 feet apart, wearing masks, and washing, washing, washing our hands are still best practice. It will be a long time before large gatherings like congregational worship are opened up. So, we continue to look for creative ways to remain connected to God, to each other, and to the communities we serve. Thank you for all the ways you are the Body of Christ for the sake of the world.
Prayer List
  • Diane Perez, Shayne Knutson's grandmother
  • Jim and Larue Unglaube's family at the death of their daughter-in-law, Deb's father, Larry Hill