Conscientious Objection

The ELCA recognizes three options in regard to participation in the military: participation with conscience, conscientious objection, and selective conscientious objection.  Find more explanation of these three positions and teaching resources here.

On this page, we provide links to some materials which may be of interest to the individual who is considering registering as a conscientious objector.

"I never expected to become a conscientious objector"

"I'm a consciention objector to militarism" by Larry Johnson

"Registering as a Conscientious Objector – background and how-to’s" compiled by Amy Blumenshine

"Truth, Conscience, and the Perversion of Just War Reasoning" by Larry Johnson

The Lutheran Peace Fellowship resources can be found here.

(Shown: The Monument to Conscientious Objectors

in Sherburne MA by David Dellinger)