Faith investigators: Wondering about what God is up to in us and in the world

At the time of your baptism, we prayed over you: “Sustain you with the gift of the Holy Spirit: the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD, the spirit of joy in your presence, now and forever.”

Core questions

We will return to these questions again and again, asking them of ourselves, of others, of our experiences – as a practice of paying attention to the Holy Spirit and God’s call in our life.

  • What is life-giving?
  • Where do you feel sustained and nurtured? Where are you growing in wisdom, understanding, knowledge, joy, love?  
  • What is life-draining?
  • Where does your spirit feel blocked up? Where do you feel disconnected, bored, despairing?
  • Where do you see God?        
  • Where do you sense God’s presence? Where do you feel God’s love, grace, and power flowing?



Confirmation Classes

confirmation 2016

For our confirmation-aged youth (grades 7-9), a program is arranged each school year to suit the needs and interests of the particular individuals that year. Often this includes participating in our program of faith exploration called Living Questions, engaging in service projects, spending time together and/or with mentors, or working with our pastors on topics of special interest.