Acting with Conscience amidst Controvery. This May, the Coming Home Collaborative highlighted those who make controversial actions of conscience in high stakes situations. We hope to support ongoing spiritual growth and reflection for those asking questions like, “Did I do right?” and “What should I do now?”  See the following articles for more information:

Vets Ministry Roundtable. On May 16, our panel on "Reflecting on Conscience and War" featured Coleen Rowley, a leader in Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and Larry Johnson, a conscientious objector who served as a medic shared their thoughts.

Join us again in September! This group usually meets every other month during the academic year. Anyone interested in this group or in ministry with veterans, contact or (612) 871-2967.

Some previous topics:

  • Eric Strom, LicSW, former Marine, behavioral health specialist with the Minnesota Army National Guard, and staff with the MN Trauma Project discussed the importance of knowing about the way trauma has impact.
  • "Seeking Root Causes: How the Community May Need Healing" was the topic addressed by Paul Riedner, MBA, an artist, Iraq vet, and executive director of the Veteran Resilience Project.
  • Minnesota National Guard Chaplain Buddy Winn, a member of Living Word Christian Center and a member of the Guard for 27 years, and since 2013 a full-time support chaplain, spoke. He discussed issues of moral injury.  
  • Cortney Amundson, an Air Force veteran with an MA in ecopsychology, discussed "Nature As A Partner in Healing". Cortney discussed the beneficial effects of outdoor recreation, gardening, bonding with animals, nature-based journaling, wilderness restoration, and similar outdoors/nature experiences.

The Coming Home Collaborative

Coming Home Collaborative (CHC) is an open and growing volunteer association of people concerned with the psychological and spiritual healing of veterans, especially vets currently reintegrating with their families and communities.  War injuries are not just physical. They affect not just vets, but also their families, colleagues and community. Coming Home Collaborative

  • Encourages congregations of faith to address the moral and spiritual wounding experienced by some veterans.
  • Promotes pathways to healing.
  • Convenes bi-monthly vets’ ministry roundtables to facilitate networking and promote  best ministry practices.

Since CHC started in 2005, these roundtables have been hosted by Our Saviour's. 

The Roundtable welcomes anyone interested in ministry with veterans.  We network, learn from each other's ministries,  and share resources oriented towards promoting best practices.  A simple lunch is provided gratis by the Coming Home Collaborative.  Please pre-register: (612) 871-2967 or send an email to .

If you would like to receive notifications of Vets Ministry Rountables, or for more information, please call 612-871-2967 (option 8) or email . Additional information is also posted on our Facebook page.

To make a financial contribution, please write "Coming Home" on your check’s memo line and on the envelope, and include it with your offering or mail your contribution to Coming Home Collaborative, Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, 2315 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404.