Altar Guild

The OSLC Altar Guild consists of dedicated members who carefully prepare our sanctuary for each season of the liturgical year, as well as for every Sunday Worship Service. This involves:

  • handling the vessels, paraments, linens, and other liturgical furnishings. Through both beauty and function, these furnishings draw our attention and hearts closer to God. 
  • preparing the weekly Communion Meal in reverent devotion
  • preparing for special parts of the service when they are celebrated, for example, the Sacrament of Baptism




stripping the altarServing in this manner, we enable our fellow sisters and brothers to experience the sacraments and service in ways which are deeply meaningful. Check out this short video.

If you feel this might be a special calling of your heart, please contact   We would love to receive you in this extraordinary service to the congregation.

In 2015, the Altar Guild celebrated 60 years of service. Members prepared a brief history which may be downloaded here.