Adult Forums and Education

During the academic year, adults gather on Sunday mornings, 9:00 -10:00am to hear and discuss short presentations, books, videos, etc. on selected topics. Coffee's on! Our Hospitality Center provides a sunny, welcoming, informal environment. (Bible Study offers another popular educational opportunity.) 

Adult Forum topics for September and October 2019

September 8 – Strategic Planning Update – Council and the strategic planning team went through the congregational input we’ve received over the last several months and identified big goals for our future. We will share those goals, along with our mission and values. Where do we go from here to make these goals actionable?

September 15 – Global Climate Strike and Week of Action – On Friday, September 20, there will be a global climate strike, which will kick off a week of climate action. Come and learn about the strike and how you can participate. How are we, as people of faith, called to show up?

September 22 and September 29 – Dear Church small group report-backs -  Each of these Sundays, we will hear from 2 or 3 small groups who studied Dear Church together. What ideas did they find most compelling, as we struggle together to dismantle white supremacy in our church and world? We will listen to their reflections and engage in large group reflection together. This conversation will help us turn towards action steps we can take as a church.

October 6 – Introducing our year of Acts – We will be digging into the book of Acts over the education year. As we explore the stories in the book, we will be listening together for how the disruptive God we encounter there shows up in our lives. Some see the book of Acts as the birth story of the church. As we celebrate 150 years, let’s remember how the church got its start and see what new life the Spirit might be bringing forth in our midst.