Adult Forums and Education

During the academic year, adults gather on Sunday mornings, 9:00 -10:00am to hear and discuss short presentations, books, videos, etc. on selected topics. Coffee's on! Our Hospitality Center provides a sunny, welcoming, informal environment. (Bible Study offers another popular educational opportunity.) 

January and February Adult Forums

January 5: Images of God – Over January and February, we will be curating an OSLC collection of images of God. Members are invited to bring in images from home to loan, along with a blurb describing how the member glimpses the divine in the image. We will display them as we are able on our walls. This first Sunday of January, we will feast our eyes on various diverse images of God from around the world. We will contemplate these images and reflect on their meaning together.

January 12: Becoming a Climate Justice Congregation - Charissa Verdoorn from Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light (MNIPL) will be presenting about MNIPL’s climate justice congregation certification program and how it can help Our Saviour’s play a powerful role in the climate movement in 2020. She will share a brief overview of who MNIPL is, their vision, their theory of change, and important systemic movement opportunities coming up.

January 19: Exploring our cultural makeup and ethnic background – During this forum, you will be invited to explore your own cultural makeup and ethnic background, and we will consider the cultural makeup and ethnic background of OSLC. What is your relationship to your own culture and ethnicity, and how has white supremacy played a role in forming or erasing your cultural and ethnic identity? How do we live boldly into the multicultural, inclusive truth that we are indeed all made in ‘the image of God’?

January 26: What is whiteness? To some white people, whiteness seems invisible. What is the white racial frame, and what are marks of white supremacy culture in our institutions? If we truly seek to ‘dismantle white supremacy’ as we claim in our strategic goals, we need to identify what whiteness is so we can recognize what needs to be dismantled, by the grace and truth of God for the sake of the world.

February 2: Karen Stevensen on shame in family systems – Our very own Karen Stevensen will lead us in a forum about shame in family systems and claiming our identities as beloved children of God.

February 9: Acts – We will continue our year-long journey through the book of Acts. If you’d like to prepare for this conversation - please read chapters 9-12. We will focus in on these chapters during the forum.

February 16: White Fragility conversation – We will discuss the book White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. See Pastor Laurie’s article about this OSLC book study opportunity. You are still most welcome to come to the forum even if you were not able to read this book.